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Why did you get banned?
because i was not told i wasnt allowed to do it by an admin/mod and i didnt see it in the rules on the forum that i am not allowed to "bhop kniv"

What's your motivation as to why we should unban you?
there was no motivation and i dont really see what i did wrong i really enjoy the server

Do you think the ban was justified? Why?
No beacause as i said before i wasnt really aware of what really happened except from i started bhopping and knifing people and didnt receive any warnings from the admin that banned me and i didnt see it on the forum rules for the server

Will you continue playing and be a good boy if we unban you? Angel
Yes i really enjoy the server and i have always been a normal boy xd

Admin that banned me if your reading this i dont mean to disrespect you i just thought i was banned without an actual reasoning

I told you to not bhop and knife but you did, even Fragz and Snase told you not to. And its your responsibiliti to look up the rules on the website.
And I have a reason to ban you: #1 Bhopping and using the knife / zeus / shotgun is not allowed.
(Stopping right before you use the knife / zeus / shotgun is not allowed either, and will be punished)
The ban was also 4h so you can just wait it out.
PWN( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ZONE

You can contact me on discord: yorchE #3545

Closing thread...

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