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    HNS Pre and NoPre - Add ladder strafe jumpstats

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    hns nopre - Severeness: 3 - T's can freezenade t's

    Answered. locking
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    Ban Appeal r0i

    If you break the rules on the server u will be punished even if its your "friend" Denied.
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    Ban Appeal jakuzaberg

    valid reason for the ban is applied. Denied.
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    Ban Appeal nixy99

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    Ban Appeal Bent

    Denied. Ban evading.
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    Ban Appeal Otto92

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    Ban Appeal Jeba

    Im unsure why this thread still here. locking and moving to declined
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    Ban Appeal Sbifi

    Ban appeal already answered. Denied.
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    Ban Appeal dog

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    Ban Appeal ANTON?:)

    Nekad. även fast du inte "skrev" ordet så menade du endå det.
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    Ban Appeal kebab?

    Denied. We've reviewed the ban evidence and the ban will stay as is.
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    HNS - Command fix

    answered. locking.
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    Bhop - T6 bhop maps

    old thread with no reply
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    KZ - Make random RTV bannable. If you don't like the current map find a new server, spectate or improve your jumpstats

    eh? if the server has majority people who doesnt want to play why would they get locked to play lmao