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  2. indefinite

    Accepted Ban Appeal Roge

    Hejsan! Har nu unbannat dig. Ifall du har problem med att connecta till servrarna, kontakta mig. Appeal accepted.
  3. indefinite

    Accepted Ban Appeal sick

    Looks like you were banned approximately two years ago by me for AHKing. Seeing as it was so long ago, I'll lift the ban. Appeal accepted.
  4. indefinite

    7 up free

    7up Free!
  5. indefinite

    Denied Ban Appeal Striker

    Appeal denied.
  6. indefinite

    Denied Ban Appeal aimforhorde

    I've edited the ban length to 1 week, which means the ban has expired. The next offence will result in a permanent ban.
  7. indefinite

    Ban Appeal frz

    Numerous other accounts show up when I searched your IP in our banlist. Were you using a VPN at the time of your ban?
  8. indefinite

    Denied Ban Appeal SlaktarN

    You were banned for delay. The ban has since then expired. In the future, do not create ban appeals for bans this short (4 hours). Locking and moving.
  9. indefinite

    Denied Ban Appeal REAL adam

    Appeal denied.
  10. indefinite

    Denied Ban Appeal greger

    Your account, your responsibility. Appeal denied.
  11. indefinite

    Denied Ban Appeal willado

    Du får vänta ut bannen. Appeal nekad.
  12. indefinite

    Accepted Ban Appeal Isakw_

    Appeal accepted.
  13. indefinite

    Accepted Ban Appeal twixxy

    Appeal accepted.
  14. indefinite

    Accepted Ban Appeal WeeLeka

    I reviewed the ban and it appears to be faulty. Appeal accepted.
  15. indefinite

    7up Free!

    7up Free!
  16. indefinite

    Denied Ban Appeal Infinitylxrd

    Appeal declined.
  17. indefinite


  18. indefinite

    Accepted Ban Appeal Juanito

    Your brother got banned for one hour, and since you both play on the same IP, you got banned too. Problem is, the Admin who banned your brother accidentally permabanned him. I've lifted your ban and your brothers ban. Appeal accepted.
  19. indefinite

    Denied Ban Appeal Kuldsaar

    Ban appeal nekad. Du kan köpa unban via Swish.