Admin Application Arska

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Jan 12, 2020
User name: Arska

Which servers would you like to be admin on?
Kz Climb-server

Information about you
My name is Artturi, im 20 year old guy from finland. My IGN is arska. I don't really have other hobbies than gaming but im pretty passionate about it. I like to play CS:GO especially Kz and i also enjoy playing league of legends sometimes. I also have a job as a salesman.

Do you have any experience that might help our servers?
I've been an admin only once in a small minecraft server like 5 years ago when i used to play on there. I have some experience in photoshop, adobe illustrator and Sony Vegas. And also i have worked in customer services so i get along with pretty much anyone.

What makes you unique? Elaborate on why we should pick you.
Well probably the most unique thing about me would be that i have 3 very strong languages which incule Finnish, Russian and English. And also my background in Sales and Customer Service

Have you ever been punished on any of our servers for any reason? If so, elaborate on why.
To my knowledge i haven't been banned from any of the pwnzone servers ever.

How long have you been playing on our servers?
I've been loyally playing Kz on the pwnzone for the last 4-5 month almost on daily basis.

How much time are you able to dedicate to the server / servers?
I have a full-time job but I'm able to dedicate about 3-5 hours on almost daily basis.

Something else you want to add that is unrelated to the other questions?
I don't really have anything else to add but I'm excited to hear something back from you.

-Regards , arska
Not open for further replies.