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Jun 26, 2021
User name: Houston

Which servers would you like to be admin on?

Information about you
My name is Peter, better known as houstoN. I'm 20, almost 21. I am from Denmark.

Do you have any experience that might help our servers?
I have been admin and head admins on different Danish community servers, and have experience in situation control on the server.

What makes you unique? Elaborate on why we should pick you.
I have tons of experience. Therefore I 99% of the time make the correct call, I know how to handle stressful situations. I take constructive criticism.

Have you ever been punished on any of our servers for any reason? If so, elaborate on why.

How long have you been playing on our servers?
I am not sure, maybe about 4 months time at this point.

How much time are you able to dedicate to the server / servers?
Since I just went on summer vacation, I can probably add a few more hours a week, maybe 20-30 hours in total. (A week)