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Oct 5, 2021
User name: Milos

Which servers would you like to be admin on?
hns pre

Information about you
Hello my name is Viktor am from Bulgaria (Varna) im 16 years old almost and i like to play hns and i like to helping people im friendly but sometimes i get a little mad cuz of the players and i can be a little toxic.I think im a good person,i can solve every problem so it will be so good if im helper again(i will try my best to be helper)<3

Do you have any experience that might help our servers?
i've been admin on a minigames server and jailbreak server in csgo so i think it will be so goooooood if im helper on a csgo hns server

What makes you unique? Elaborate on why we should pick you.
cuz im online everyday,im friendly,i can solve every problem, and im actually learning to coding and make games and i think that good.and when i were admin on jb and minigames servers i had 240 h in 2 weeks but if im admin in this server im gonna try my best i hope our country to let us go online as soon as possible so i can be the most active person in the server and i think ill be the perfect helper.<3

Have you ever been punished on any of our servers for any reason? If so, elaborate on why.
No in pwnzone never but in other servers i got banned for autostrafe cuz i were noob and cant make 270 on pre and yea but it was long time ago.

How long have you been playing on our servers?
i started playing 2012 when csgo released but i play in pwnzone like 2 years but i was not active at all cuz i got annoyed by rulebreakers and stop at all playing hns and csgo.But now im back i think i can start over again and be the best helper B)

How much time are you able to dedicate to the server / servers?
if i have online scool probably 10 or 11 hours but i dont max 7

Something else you want to add that is unrelated to the other questions?
No but I will be glad to be helper <33333333333


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