Admin Application roc.

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Jan 23, 2020
User name: roc.

Which servers would you like to be admin on?
hns pre

Information about you
my name is rocco turco i go by roc on discord and csgo i am 14 years of age i have played csgo for 3 yrs and i have individually played hns for 1 and a half years i normally play football in my spare time and i have to go to school obviously and i go to school for 6 hours a day but apart from that i am very active.

Do you have any experience that might help our servers?
i have been admin on a lot of servers before i have another account that i also played on and do have past admin experience as i have been admin on many servers like nemesis, strafezone more i also have been vip on many also so i have a lot of experience on being a person with more power.{on csgo}.

What makes you unique? Elaborate on why we should pick you.
i have always been respectful to many people i am not like many others i listen to people and go out of my time to speak to them to see what is the situation is. I can also always watch people to see if they are cheating or being toxic i can also explain to them exactly why they have been banned and if they ask any further questions i shall just ignore them and carry on doing what i was doing.

Have you ever been punished on any of our servers for any reason? If so, elaborate on why.
i have been punished but it was only form spamming in the chat only 1 time but i have not been punished any further or committed any further actions.

How long have you been playing on our servers?
i've been playing this server on this account for only a couple of weeks but i have played this server previously and if i put all my time on this together i would have to be around 3-4 months

How much time are you able to dedicate to the server / servers?
i can play every day just except untill 9am to 3pm as i have school but i can play most of the time and i am very active

Something else you want to add that is unrelated to the other questions? thats my steam account and : roc.#1037 thats my discord ;]
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Jan 26, 2020
+rep this my guy and he is so respectful and always follows the rules, he has never been toxic and is very much against it.


Dec 16, 2019
+very active
+Supportive as and non admin (Meant as he helps and support people in life choices)
-rep I have seen alot from you as wish I have seen some toxicity but not at all a problem that can't be fixed

Best of luck
Signed Xic™
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