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Jun 27, 2020
Oslo, Norway
User name: Zufy

Which servers would you like to be admin on?

Information about you
My name is Tom, I'm 17 years old. My in game name is ZufSW: I spend most of my time on my pc either bhopping or playing osu. Not really into many other games other than Balloons TD6 cus yk (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I enjoy helping people out, I tend to idle in shavit's discord (A bhop server discord, where people normally ask for help with plugins) so I can make myself useful and help people out. This turned out to be a characteristic of mine: enjoying helping others, since it's something I enjoy, I find it quite relaxing and quite satisfying when you get something working for someone else.

Do you have any experience that might help our servers?
I own and co-own 2 servers currently, so I have experience in setting servers up etc, making plugins etc. I also have experience in JS, an example being discord js (used to create Discord bots etc) I also have some experience with hammer and Source SDK so I am fairly knowledgeable when it comes to making maps etc.

What makes you unique? Elaborate on why we should pick you.
I can help manage the server, this may include (depending on your trust in me): Managing staff, Adding maps, updating plugins, adding new plugins, making plugins for your server etc. Also, well versed in the rules of the server, having read through them just agreeing with all of them. Also knowing quite a bit about the bhop community as a whole and am quite a knowledgeable member when it comes to: cheats (such as cowhop and rumours) timers (btimes and shavit) other plugins (jhud, fjt showplayerclips and mapchoosers etc) I am well spoken, easy to talk to and can speak 3 languages :/ cus im kewl

Have you ever been punished on any of our servers for any reason? If so, elaborate on why.
Nop, not that i know of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How long have you been playing on our servers?
Playing on your servers for around a year, on and off on smurfs and stuff, only recently started playing on my main account and I play on there most days, for around 6 - 8 hours.

How much time are you able to dedicate to the server / servers?
I will probably dedicate at least 6-8 hours a day at minimum as i don't really have much of a sleep schedule, so i will be able to play through the nights most of the time. Of course this 6-8 value will fluctuates depending on how busy I am, but for the majority of the time, I'm playing bhop. However bare in mind that I still own my own server, even though it is down atm due to funding issues, It will be back up eventually and I will still have to dedicate some of my time to that aswell. However in the short term I will be able to dedicate around 8-10 hours a day but when my server goes back up it may only be 6 or 7 I'm not too sure.

Something else you want to add that is unrelated to the other questions?
I'm ginger ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Obviously I'm quite new to playing on your server often, however having a very strong grasp with btimes and other plugins you use, im pretty well versed when it comes to commands and other serverside shit, and as for the community, im a very friendly person and i pick things up very quickly so me meshing and blending with the community will come naturally. So you don't have to worry about that too much :) Also, everything i mentioned in 'What makes you unique? Elaborate on why we should pick you.' can come over time, ofc i do not expect to acquire such trust worthy roles right off the bat, if at all, but just note that its an offer of my assistance :)
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Jun 19, 2019
-Rep short apply, add more information.
+Rep seems that you have good knowledge atound bhop.
+Rep Looks like you are a good and friendly guy.

Good Luck!
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