Ban Appeal bert

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May 14, 2021
User name: bert

Which platform are you banned on?

What server / gamemode were you banned from?
KZ Climb

Why were you banned?
I got banned for using a bhop macro. Reason for me to use this is that the scroll wheel on my mouse has been broken for more than a year and bhop parts in some kz maps are literally impossible to do with the spacebar. Instead of buying a new mouse, I have been using a macro for these parts in kz maps just to be able to get through the map - bkz_maps I haven't even bothered to get into.

Why should we unban you?
I know autostrafing bhop/lj scripts are obviously bannable, but I haven't realized even macros are, although I have been now informed by a friend on the server that it is even warned about in the chat, I just have never bothered to notice that. I play kz a lot and would enjoy to keep playing on this server, from now on without a macro then, I'll just go get a new mouse and that problem will be solved. Here's the reason for the ban appeal, but if I have to sit through that 1 month ban it won't be the end of the world either.

Do you agree to follow the rules if you are unbanned?
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