Accepted Ban Appeal M.S.Pinaatti

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Aug 17, 2021
User name: M.S.Pinaatti

Which platform are you banned on?

What server / gamemode were you banned from?
KZ Climb

Why were you banned?
On pwnZONE SourceBans, the reason for my ban is duplicate account. I do not know what account or ip it connects to my account, but I simply don't know the reason for my ban. I am always connected to my phones internet when playing, and no one else should have been able to connect via my shared phones internet connection (needs password). I also looked up if my brother has any bans on your server but he doesn't ( and also my other account ( doesn't have bans or has never been played on your servers.

Why should we unban you?
I am quite active player on your kz climb server. I would like to get unbanned, or at least know the reason why server automatically banned me when I tried to join the server this morning. But anyways, thank you for at least looking into my ban, hope you guys have a great day :)

Do you agree to follow the rules if you are unbanned?
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