Appeal Ban Appeal SaksanSeisoja


May 27, 2019
User name: SaksanSeisoja

Which platform are you banned on?

Why were you banned?
I got banned long time ago for duplicate accounts. Just to remind so I don't have to explain this later it was my brother that cheated on his account and we have the same ip so that's how I got the duplicate account ban. I'm extremely sorry about my brothers behaviour but there's nothing I can do about it. Last time I was told to come back after a month so now i'm here. Is it possible for me to get unbanned? Because pwnzone has the best nopre hns server in my opinion.

Why should we unban you?
I've grown up after the last appeal there I was a little frustrated. Now i hope that i'm able to get unbanned.

Will you be a good boy if you get unbanned? steamhappy
Yeah, even better than i've been. love ya admins and zhell!