Suggestion Kz - Voting system, map duration, starting map


May 24, 2020
User name: AyayaBoy


Short suggestion description
Voting system, map duration, starting map

I come with several suggestions regarding the kz server:

1. A good idea would be to set the server's start map to some easy level or medium, because this map, which is now at server startup, is impossible to pass by 80% of our players. Looking at the fact that the server often crashes, it would be a good idea

2. We need more time on such maps as: kz_gy_agitation and kz_strafehop, one hour is just not enough, I think 2 would be perfect.

3. Often, when voting on the map, players accidentally vote for map no. 1 and 2 cuz checkpoint and teleport. Could you set options 1 and 2 to be empty? It would make our life easier and save us time by typing "revote" practically always after voting on the map.

What does this feature improve for the servers / community?
I think that all this would be very useful to us these changes